The Jenks Group

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Strategic Services

Turnaround Experts

Companies are facing difficult times. The current world economic and political problems leave no one unaffected. For many, survival is at stake. We are experienced business people and can help you through these difficult times. We do so by putting some of our fees at risk based on the results we help you obtain.

Have you looked everywhere for a comprehensive source of turnaround techniques for restructuring your company without any luck?

Through the turmoil, it is difficult to know what the problems are, how to fix them and what to do first. You know that any wrong moves could shut down your business and result in a bankruptcy filing. These missteps are so easy to make right now.

Performance Improvement

To achieve continuous improvement, successful managers in all industries strive to find new, improved ways to manage their businesses and serve their customers. Through its understanding of global markets and the special issues facing companies we can provide clients with the most relevant strategic advice to improve cash flow, increase profits and grow enterprise value.

Interim and Crisis Management

Where the situation demands it, we can assume the role of senior management and lead a team to stabilize the crisis while mobilizing the resources necessary for recovery. This involves assessing the company's strengths and weaknesses, formulating and implementing specific initiatives to restore the company's credibility, viability and profitability. Our aim is to maximize value and protect the long-term interests of the company.

Corporate Recovery

The Jenks Group can provide immediate assistance to companies in the face of serious decline. We provide practical advice to companies and stakeholders to develop and implement realistic strategies and solutions. While survival is often the immediate priority, we have the special ability to work with the often divergent interests of stakeholders to restore profitability and lead the company on a path to sustainable growth.

Areas of Expertise

  • Change management
  • Behavioral Talents
  • Profit improvement
  • Business strategy
  • Cost reduction
  • Business development
  • Business turnaround
  • Acquisitions and post merger integration

Other Services Include

Acting as Interim CEO, Executive Chairman or CFO

Turnaround management is the process of developing and implementing strategies to return a company in crisis to profitability and growth. It usually involves the replacement of some of the incumbent management of the company by professional executives whose experience, training and temperament are best suited to dealing with the complex issues facing a company in crisis. We accept executive and non-executive roles within companies in crisis. Our involvement can be full or part time depending on the requirements by:

  • Replacing or supplementing existing management;
  • Developing and implementing a survival business plan;
  • Implementing budgetary and operating controls and procedures;
  • Improving profitability;
  • Stabilizing and restructuring the company's financial commitments;
  • Developing a long term recovery plan;
  • Advise on exit routes;
  • Assist the Board in a sale of all or parts of the company or business.

As turnaround managers we are not just advisors to the company - we will take on the key executive roles in the company, define the turnaround strategy and lead the implementation of that strategy. We have experience of a wide range of industries and have found that the issues facing a company in crisis are common in most industries. It is situational experience which is vital in a crisis, not industry experience. Our independence, objectivity and experience of managing companies out of crisis allows us to reach the core of the problem quickly and to make the decisions necessary to bring about stability and recovery.