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Strategic Services

Interim CEO Services

As experienced C-Suite Executives, TJGI Consultants provide interim leadership to organizations and Boards in need of Chief support while facilitating an executive search or replacing short term absences for leadership at any level. We keep your team focused and on track while you concentrate on long term solutions to your executive leadership. This offers valuable and uninterrupted time for other Executives and Directors to stay focused on important objectives while we keep the business running, the communication and dialog open, and the organizational goals intact.

TJGI Consultants can be available for full time or part time engagements depending on the specific needs of both the client and the company by:

  • Replacing or supplementing existing management
  • Implementing or maintaining budgetary and operational controls and procedures
  • Improving sales, margins and profitability
  • Stabilizing and restructuring the company's financial commitments
  • Advising the Executive Team or The Board of potential exit strategies
  • Assist the Board in the sale of all or part of the company or business

Our independence, objectivity and years of C-Suite experience allow us to reach the core of your challenges quickly and effectively helping you help your organization through any current crisis. We have successfully managed organizations through:

  • Three wars
  • Five economic down cycles
  • Banking collapse(s)
  • Real Estate collapse(s)
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Three oil crisis(s)
  • Recalls and quality challenges
  • Legal Challenges
  • Numerous changes of control
  • 61 Mergers and Acquisitions

We stand ready to assist you providing contemporary solutions, on target and on time.