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Strategic Services

Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation

At TJGI we pride ourselves on our core competency of facilitating organizational strategy from bricks to clicks on a world class level. Our professional facilitators are required to have a minimum of ten years of C-Suite experience in addition to a strong history of successful strategic design and implementation before they step in front of your team for the very first time.

Whether you are the CEO or the Senior HR Executive responsible for finding Strategic Planning or Executive Retreat facilitators, you know how difficult it is to find that one person in a million you would allow to stand at the front of the room. These are some of the most important and certainly the most expensive meetings you could host with a room full of intelligent and highly compensated executives from around the country or around the world. In a room like that you do not want to miss on any opportunity and at TJGI we don't miss.

At TJGI our approach is always fresh and contemporary to the business climate and we always have an eye out for the future. A process or condition that existed two, three, or five years ago will not work in today's fast paced environment where more and more business owners are investment bankers or equity partners. Remaining current on your approach to your strategy process is as important as remaining current on your finance vehicles. When an average CEO tenure lasts eighteen months in today's environment, you need to be sure you're not only on the right track but also in the right race.

Our unique and contemporary approach to the planning process has offered us more than five hundred opportunities in the last ten years to stand and deliver in front of world class organizations around the globe. Our blend of business intelligence coupled with our behavioral approach allows for consistent and definable results that have your key executives ready to take on the challenges of near term and long range goals. Our communication intelligence doesn't begin when we walk in the room for the first time but rather is garnered over weeks and oftentimes months of observation and fact finding in advance of our delivery. Our goal is to have a working understanding of your business prior to our planning retreat.

TJGI does not believe in the typical approach to strategic planning. At TJGI, we believe that strategy only starts at the off- site session. Our goal is to insure your strategic initiatives and goals have the traction and internal support necessary to become implemented. We provide post session, on-site support in pre-determined intervals to follow up on initiatives that insure that what was agreed upon, actually got done.

While there are a lot of differentials, perhaps one of our most unique features at TJGI is that we don't hand you off to a junior associate or random consultant once we make a deal. You get a TJGI Principle or Senior Partner that stays with you throughout the entire process making relationship continuity and go-to questions from any level an absolute surety. We pride ourselves on delivering contemporary solutions, on target and on time.