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Executive Leadership Development

Executive Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Often used by top executives, coaches can act as a sounding board and confidante, while offering a safe environment in which to try out ideas or just complain. Most problems encountered at work are people, not business-related technical problems. Working with you, a coach trains you to be better able to face and work through day-to-day, interpersonal challenges, and the occasional bombshell. We coach you to inspire, motivate, and challenge the people you lead with techniques to create win-win, not lose-lose situations.

We also share our techniques toolkit, designed to expand your current limitations. For example, if you are moving into a role requiring an enhanced skill set, we support the development and refinement of the talents you bring to the assignment, and with you identify the needed additional skills.

Coaching Philosophy

Emphasize personal development and professional improvement as a basis for organizational health and productivity.

As your coach, we:

  • Support you in setting higher, more rewarding professional and personal goals
  • Hold you accountable for what you say
  • Ask more of you than you, or others, ask
  • Work with you to trust your intuition, take action and improve your communication skills

Coaching Mission

Our commitment is to:

  • Develop a strong sense of self, value systems and life/business direction
  • Attain success based upon true desires, passions, and natural gifts
  • Develop the ability to adapt quickly and keep pace with change
  • Live responsibly and with integrity, while being open to new ideas

Coaching Style

Coaching is a designed alliance relationship involving mentoring, sharing advice, information and support while providing a structure for rapid growth.

Our style is based on the belief that you have the answers. We begin with a comprehensive "whole person" assessment designed to target specific growth areas. Weekly coaching sessions address challenges and successes while focusing on goals and objectives. We believe you can reach for what you want without being consumed in the process.

Coaching Schedule

The best pace is one 1½-hour session other week, for the first month, then every other week thereafter based on the coaching plan's intentions. To get started, plan on about three months at this pace, then we evaluate your progress.