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Behavioral Assessments

The Jenks Group–360°

Our internet based 360° is a multi-rater feedback system designed to identify skills and competencies in three key areas:

  • Building relationships
  • Expertise
  • Navigating the Organization

Each key area includes nine surveys. One survey is completed by the individual being rated, one is completed by his or her immediate supervisor, and the remaining seven surveys are completed by a combination of the participant's superiors, peers and direct reports.

The Jenks Group will administer the assessment as well as track and collect the results for processing.

Our 360° survey can also be administered in-house. It is easy to set-up and use. Here's an example:

Adding Raters Is Simple

By adding an individual's name and e-mail address, the survey will be sent directly to the rater. Status of when they have completed the survey is shown for each rater.

Managing Raters

By hitting a remind key, your raters will receive a reminder e-mail advising them that they still need to complete the survey.